Our Services

So what do we do exactly?

Our main activity is best described by the “motion design” term. One of our most popular services is making animated explainer videos and info-animations. Furthermore creating animation advertisements and preparing opening title sequences related to movies or TV shows.

Our Studio is engaged in the following scope of duties

  • Creative

Whether it’s a tender or a movie of one of our client’s, we enjoy collecting ideas, giving advice, writing screenplays or scripts (if we’re appropriately competent in the field). Furthermore, we also take on directing commercials or short movies.

  • Animation

2D animation and motion design represent our main target areas. We’re ready to make commercials, animating characters or creating short movies. Also creating animations introducing a company, product or service.

  • Broadcast Ident

We have more than 25 years of experience designing opening title sequences for tv and internet shows, documentaries or channel idents.

We are at your disposal related to the following activities:

Our studio also takes on directing and fully implementing animation movies starting already from the creative stage. Certainly, the certain parts of the workflow are optional to choose, and we gladly collaborate with our clients’ own professionals.

If you had an animation project waiting for implementation…

Have you thought about us?

If you would like to work together with us, you are interested in the work of fairy bugs and we raised your interest, we encourage you to get in touch with us and request our tailored offer.

  • Creative

    We figure out, provide advice and take care of directing it. If needed, we shape the base idea so that it could be implemented in reality.

  • Writing scripts

    We improve the elaborated idea and put on paper our plans about it’s visualization.

  • Preparing storyboard

    We draw an illustrated screenplay (just like comics) to represent the written story (script) in a visual form.

  • Visual development

    We draw various visual sketches, plan characters and backgrounds for the animation movie to show you the planned visuals of the film.

  • Illustration

    Based on the approved visuals, we draw all the necessary graphic elements of the movie.

  • Animation

    First, we turn the graphic elements into animatics. It is like a schematic animation when the graphic elements of the movie are put together and make up scenes which are timed for narration or music. This can be followed by the movements, by the animation itself.

  • Sound design

    Fundamentally we work with visual processes, but we can manage full coordination of the movies’ audio post-production. We have been working with a professional audio studio for quite a while, they are in possess of a database for both sound effects and actors.