About us

PixieBug is a mini studio focusing on animation, supported by a creative team made up by two animation movie makers.

We had been working together in a harmonious team already for a few years in the area of motion design / 2d animation, when we felt it was time to finally name our collaboration. As such, in 2019 we continue our past activity boosted with new energy and under a shared name.

Essentially, it’s the two of us working together on and supporting each project, but in case of large-scale assignments we get other freelancer colleagues involved in order to ensure professional implementation, the opportunity of managing parallel projects at the same time and strictly keeping the deadlines.





I graduated in 2013 at Illyés Art Academy with animation major. In the past years I’ve been successfully collaborating with various television channels, movie post-production studios and marketing agencies. My works qualified me for the program of the animation movie festival of Kecskemét and also for the Dutch animation festival. My movies Industrial boogie and Coincidence were both on air in Művészetek Völgye and in Lisbon as well, besides being part of the festival programs. Currently I am focusing on creating 2D animation.





I’ve been working with computer graphics for over 25 years. My first creation was the graphics of a Commodore Plus/4 game back in 1988. In the past years I’ve been working in several places in various roles. Post Edison, Focus Fox, GYÁR, DIGIC Pictures. Essentially, I’m an animation guy, but in the past years, besides animation, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with illustration, as a movie and ad vfx supervisor, art manager, director and I prepared my own short movie which won an award at KAFF in 2007.





(pronounced: Jerbeau)

I am a love child. My mother is a Hungarian vizsla, my father is a labrador-hound mix. I love walking, taking baths, playing with a stick or a ball (which sadly I’m obliged to stay away of due to the two previous surgeries on my left hind leg) and eating, well, that’s my weak point. I consider myself to be a creative dog, I enjoy participating in the whole workflow, and I’m always the first to arrive and last to leave the office…oh no. Actually, I sleep in the office. My couch (yes, I have my own couch) is located right behind my colleagues so I’m always there to signal them if something isn’t done the best way.