JimJam Tender 2017 – Renewing the channel’s ident

In the end of 2017 we were invited to a really interesting international tender. Its purpose was the complete renewal of the Jimjam channel for children and finding new lovable character or characters for the new image of the channel. The best ideas for this task were part of the tender. The work of the Wiedemann Lampe creative agency from London turned out to be the winner, but we’d like to show you what we prepared for the tender.

Concept 1 – Pop up stories

The logo, character and elements are settled in a photographed / rotated space. These areas are all familiar places shown from the children’s perspective. Really basic movements would animate the items. As of the logo, it would simply fall from above to this surface or our character would fly through this area and the logo would appear behind it by testblende. The children’s favorite characters would be taken out of the cartoons and were inserted to these spaces just as if they had been cut out of a picture book. Characters wouldn’t move much, they would be inserted into the homey areas with simple loops and recurring movements.

The character is the mixture of a caterpillar and a butterfly, so that both boys and girls could like it. It would have the colors of the JimJam logo. It consists of circles and these circles are reflected in the elements of the image as well. The character, by style, is a children’s drawing with crayon/pencil. The character can span in a funny way, to walk by using its small legs and is able to fly by using its wings.

Concept 2 – Secret in the box

The concept and the character are built around a carton box which is completed with graphic elements in the style of a child’s drawing, so it will have a „personal” character. Will be able to express emotions, communicate.

The background of the idents is of a lively color, happy, the background color of the promos is in line with the background color of the to be announced material. For the indents rotated material is necessary as well (children), the boxes have to be taken photographs of ensuring the perfect impression. Children enjoy playing with the carton box because the box can transform into anything and they can transform into anyone and can get to anywhere. The box shows their fantasy, their creativity.

Ident: the box character is in a colorful room and is smiling, children run into the room, jump into the box, end the character turns into the children’s imagination (for example airplane, car, ship, etc..). The box is supplemented with the children’s drawings and we can see what they think about and how they play. With the help of the box they learn by playing and experience new adventures. Using the box during playing contributes to the improvement of their problem-solving abilities and dexterity.

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